Raid on Fort Apocalypse is a Freeware game created for the Competition 2008 in our limited spare time over the course of just over 3 months.

It was entered in Category 3: Sequels That Weren't. That's right, we have not tried to recreate the original Fort Apocalypse by Synapse Software, but rather an imagined "sequel" - something that has the flavour of the original yet tries to add some new experiences and ideas as well.

We didn't get all the planned features in that we wanted, and some of the artwork is a little rough, but it is complete and a lot of fun to play. Complete all 10 mission objectives to win the game!

Special thanks and all respect to
Bodenstšndig 2000
who created the game's awesome soundtrack!

Download Raid On Fort Apocalypse for Windows

Linux Users - Choose your Debian package:
Download Raid On Fort Apocalypse: rofa.804_1.05-1_i386.deb
Download Raid On Fort Apocalypse: rofa.804_1.05-1_amd64.deb
Download Raid On Fort Apocalypse: rofa.810_1.05-1_i386.deb
Download Raid On Fort Apocalypse: rofa.810_1.05-1_amd64.deb

Another big thank you to Patsie of Brain Games for building these debian packages and squishing a few bugs while he was at it!
Raid On Fort Apocalypse Survival Guide - "For all you crybabies who say it's too hard"

1. Flying too fast is suicide. Just because you can, doesn't mean you should.
2. Explosions hurt! Being too close to things that are blowing up will damage your Chopper.
3. Landing on any platform will repair your Chopper (and update the respawn point).
4. Enemy Choppers cannot shoot upwards. Tanks cannot shoot downwards. You can shoot in 360 degrees. Use this to your advantage.

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