Friends of NotSoft

Had enough of us, huh? Well, here is the official NotSoft links page! I'm sure you'll find something to interest you!

Independent Game Developers

Brain Games
Free remakes of cool games, often available for multiple operating systems!

nzp - Puzzles And Games
A plethora of really neat puzzle games. And they're givin' 'em away free! And you just can't find a better deal than that!


Mathew Borrett
Mathew Borrett is a good friend and extremely talented artist. Why not check out his work and buy a print or two?

Bodenstšndig 2000
Europe's premiere home computer folk band! These hard rocking scientists will rock you!

Game Development / Computer Graphics Forums

The Indie Stone
Games Development Forums, Tutorials, Fun & Tomfoolery!
Classic Gaming for the Next Generation! Get off my pixelated lawn!
DevMaster is a great community for those interesting in the art and science of Game Development.

Game Blogs & Portals

Viridian Games
Home of Viridian's game projects and computer game related blog. If you like computer games it's well worth following!

Just One More Game
Another fine computer game related blog. Lots of Indie Games coverage.

Retro 247
Old School Gaming Action is alive and well. And it lives 2/47!

Web Comics

Orneryboy is one of our favourite web comics - Cynicism, bad attitude, dark humour and zombies. What more do you need? Plus, he's a local boy! That must be why we relate to him so well...

"Comics. Often dirty." Not safe for children or most workplaces. Sometimes sexy, sometimes disturbing, sometimes both! Very funny and always incredibly well drawn.

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