Feature Games
Wytches Brew
Wytches Brew is a pagan themed matching game where the player helps the Wytches make magical potions by matching ingredients according to their recipe book.

Wytches Brew features 5 play modes, including an epic 52 chapter quest. Spend a year travelling with three Wytches brewing up potions for those in need.

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More information as well as a free demo can be found at the official site:

Shlongg is an exciting 3D action arcade game that reimagines classic breakout/arkanoid style game play and combines it with tunnel racing space combat!

Traverse over a hundred levels, smashing energy crystals and alien larvae to save the Earth from the evil Shlongg Dominion.

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Click here to see the development postmortem! If you're into that sort of thing...

Thanks to all who participated in the Shlongg Beta Test! The Demo and Retail versions can be found along with some extras at the official site:

Free Games
Raid On Fort Apocalypse
Raid on Fort Apocalypse is a freeware "sequel" to the 1982 classic 8-bit game Fort Apocalypse. It was created for the Competition 2008 and is available on both Windows and Linux platforms.

Click here for the Raid On Fort Apocalypse page

S.H.U.M.M. was written for the Gibbage Forums "Make something by April 30th" 2007 thingee, and it takes Probe to it's next logical step. Teleport all the cargo crates off the ship before the ship's defenses destroy your probe.

Click here play S.H.U.M.M.!

Flashanoid is a simple 2D breakout game that was put together in about 8 hours for a friendly contest.

As mentioned in the Shlongg Vivisection it was what inspired us to make the 3D version that would eventually become Shlongg.

It has 14 levels, but the controls are keyboard only.

Click here play Flashanoid!

Probe was created in a couple of hours to test out a 2D flash vector library we had written.

Its sort of like a "poor man's Crimsonland". Without the variety of weapons, enemies or powerups. But hey, what do you want for 11 kb? My personal best is 102 kills.

Click here play Probe!

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